IT asset management describes the totality of business transactions, combining both the financial and contractual aspects of IT assets with the elements from the inventory. IT assets include computers, software and users.

Software asset management describes the controlled procurement, distribution, use and maintenance of software. The essential aspects of SAM are:

  • what quantity of software licenses is available
  • which software you have bought, rented or downloaded for free
  • when and how much you pay for your software licenses
  • whether your software meets the terms of use (compliance)

Both ITAM and SAM are classic IT processes that are more or less lived out in different forms in companies. Often core processes such as release and deployment management or IT procurement are already in place and are lived unconsciously but often very efficiently.

SAMconcept offers companies and institutions the support necessary to successfully introduce these processes. My expertise in the areas of IT service management and IT security supports companies in integrating these processes into existing IT environments. In addition, SAMconcept offers numerous products and methods that optimally support your ITAM or SAM processes.