2019-12-01 Workshop SoftwareLicenseAudits

SAMconcept conducts the first seminar SoftwareLicenseAudit – Rights, Obligations and Strategies from December 3rd to 4th, 2019 in Vienna, Austria

In collaboration with the market leader for conference events in Austria, Institut Manfred Hämmerle GmbH (www.imh.at), SAMconcept carried out the first seminar SoftwareLicenseAudit – Rights, Duties and Strategies in Austria.
Under the moderation of Rainer Batz, i.a. discussed the following seminar topics:

  • causes
  • Motivation of the manufacturers
  • Impact on the company
  • Definitions and terminology
  • Legal basis
    • Copyright
    • Company law
    • Contract law
  • Contractual basis
    • Software usage contracts
    • EULA’s, Terms & conditions
  • Lifecycle of an audit
  • Audit-Checklist

After the theoretical part, the five participants had the opportunity to apply the learned tools and procedures in an audit simulation.

The seminar is expected to be offered again by the organizer IMH in September 2020.